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As the last of the exhaust fumes clear out of town from an incredible weekend of motorcycle fun, we'll get back to what we do best for a weekend or two and that's hang out and enjoy the company of friends and family at Party in the Park on Friday night while we benefit a fantastic local cause and celebrate the mid summer here in Muskegon.


This coming Friday, the music of Hannah Ellis and Upcoast Kin will be the featured entertainment and as always, our role in the endeavor is not only the guy on stage thanking a sponsor or two, but we're here to tell you a little more about just what Parties in the Park are all about and who benefits.  This week it's AgeWell Services of Muskegon.

AgeWell services is the provider of the Meals on Wheels program here in town.  That's the main thing they are best known for.  It's so essential to those who are elderly and food insecure.  It's also very much a saving grace to those who are in need of a visit.  As some age, isolation is a very large factor in their decline, and some only get a visit from their Meals On Wheels delivery driver.  Food and companionship are provided and that should be more than enough to support a fundraiser disguised as a party.  AgeWell goes far beyond that too.  They provide elder abuse awareness programs, senior non emergency medical transportation, senior wellness programs to keep the mind and body sharp, discount dining programs and places to just congregate and catch up.  It's like so many of the other human service agencies here in town that you may have heard of, but other than the logo and the basics, a lot of people just don't know how very deep they serve and how far the advocacy reaches.  Now you know at least enough to dig a little deeper and see if there's a role for you with AgeWell.

I met up with Diane Smith and Alicia Roberts at AgeWell Services.  Let them tell you more about all of what they do as well as what they could use for a hand at Party in the Park and other areas.


We're very fortunate to have people and agencies in place in Muskegon to help where needed. AgeWell helps people with everything from the most basic needs of food and contact to the complexities of explaining how seniors are targeted by online scams to abuse from families and then getting justice for those who've been abused.  It's a great chance for you to learn a little more or get involved this Friday at Hackley Park.  Come on down.  The music is from 5p-9p and your relationship with AgeWell's just getting started.  

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