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It was long about time we found something unique to Muskegon and a little "off the beaten path" and when I was busy occupying all the downtime I have between 9:55 at night and when I fall asleep in the chair at 10:05....I saw some pics of some younger people in their new store and knew that I needed to let my curiosity get the best of me and make a trip to find them.  Turns out, finding them was easy, leaving the place was a little more difficult because in every nook and cranny, there's something for the curious. 


Why was it easy to find them?  Well, they occupy what was once my Dr.'s office on Apple Avenue behind O'Reilly Auto Parts.  Really easy and we did check, nothing ever removed from me was left behind in the office.  Hard to leave?  If you're a fan of the show "Oddities" or maybe even "Ancient Aliens" or any of that kind of stuff, you need to make a stop.  Puzzle's, Oddities and Ends began when Eric Gemzer and Ambrosia Huber bought a hearse.  The car led to a hearse club and from there with Ambrosia's passion for art and museum curation, they started collecting.  Eric also has a business going within selling hand made urns and caskets too.  The urns are beautiful and as he mentions in the story, they have more than just the purpose of post cremation ashes of loved ones.  

Art attracts art, and with their fondness of the "creepy" along came alternative artists that don't quite fit in at mom and pop craft shows.  Black light art is featured, so is some pretty cool 3d printed stuff.  There's a doll room which some don't really care to be in because, dolls...there are retired medical equipment, outdated ceremonial things, embalmed critters, mounted's really a repository for weird.  If you're a "Goonie" like me you'll love a stroll through the place.  

Ambrosia and Eric joined me right up front in their lobby and we gathered some footage through the place, take a look and listen.  


Ready to take the chance? This is really a unique and cool place and as far as we all could figure, it's the only one of it's kind on this side of the state!  If you are a looker, an artist or maybe you are the Grim Reaper and you'd like a place to hang out during your lunch break, Puzzle's Oddities and Ends is a super fun place to dig in to the "different".  Don't forget too that October isn't really all that far off for their SPOOKFEST artist expo coming up on October 1st at their location on Apple behind O'Reilly Auto Parts.  You can connect with Puzzle's Oddities and Ends through their FACEBOOK page linked below.