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Buckle up!  We're jumping in for another spin with Andrew Stewart at Betten Baker Chevrolet Cadillac Buck GMC on Henry Street in Muskegon and this time you are in for more surprises than you can possibly imagine when it comes to a truck that is both powerful and durable with more features than you ever imagined in a vehicle and toward the end of the chat, the's pretty mind blowing just how much you can get for a payment that's really not much more than I paid for the only brand new car I ever 1993.


This gorgeous GMC Sierra's curb appeal is the first thing that grabs your eye.  It's got a commanding presence as you see it on the first look.  The grill is bold, the body is solid and the overall design with the proper flares around the truck really make it pop.  Inside the cab, it's a digital delight in the dash and even has the technology in it to just tell it what you want.  "Hey Google, play some Motley Crue."  Not only does it happen, it gives you the options of where you'd like to hear it from?  Anyone remember "Knight Rider"?  It's really at that point.  Another amazing thing about this truck, "Super Cruise".  Hands free drivers assistance that you can actually see demonstrated in the video this week as the driver didn't chicken out while it worked.  This vehicle corrected itself and kept it in our lane on a close, residential street.  The safety features are simply amazing and the feel from the cab while driving is one of owning the road, while being submersed in comfort and safety.

It's a truck right?  You want power, towing, rugged something to work in.  Well.....this ain't your dad's version of a truck.  I am going to let Andrew describe the goings on inside this vehicles power plant and driveline because quite frankly, it's staggering.  When you hear too the technology that's in this vehicles engine and what's going on at General Motors over all to provide fuel efficiency while maintaining all your expectations from a vehicle that gets the job are in for some serious surprises from this weeks ride.  Take a listen.  


No, he didn't lose the sale.  We're out to bring you a new way to learn a little more about what's going on at one of Muskegon's greatest success stories.  Betten Baker is setting the pace state wide when it comes to both new and pre owned vehicles and all of that success began right here in Muskegon.  With that growth, the level of commitment to Muskegon from Betten Baker has grown incredibly.  Look around at the events they sponsor and the community engagement they provide by helping so many incredible organizations with sponsorships, donations and opportunities to engage.  To see the growth combined with the commitment to home is what makes us proud to have Betten Baker as a sponsor of our work and if you like what you saw here today, get on down to Henry Street and stop in and kick a tire or two.  Thanks to Andrew and Maria for another great test drive. 

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