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As we've built and grown, we've been incredibly fortunate to find partners that see the value in what we publish and why, but they also see that others in the area are digging in to make a difference and it's in the collective mutual aid that we all take care of our own.  Muskegon is incredible in  the fact that elbow grease and sticking together is how things have gotten done for quite some time on most every front, but even still...there are some times that we all kind of feel like we're a little isolated.  This is where the 1M Project found a gap.


1M was founded by Jennifer DeBrot when she got to that point of isolation.  Some call it the rock bottom and there's really not a life anywhere that's not had that feeling.  Through the worst of it, knowing where to turn is hard, if not scary to some because there's the idea that they might be judged, thought of as weak, ashamed you name it.  Some may turn to trying to fix themselves, some might give up, others might be willing to take that chance and let a little leap of faith creep in and see where that goes and that's where Jennifer and her team come in.  Actually, not only for those seeking a little solace in belief, but how can she and her group work to help faith based groups work together better for a common cause?  After all, the end goal is the same, right?  The care and preservation of fellow man through living by example?  Where the example is taught can come from any kind of "book", it happens to be a pretty popular and powerful one that 1M uses.  

1M also makes it an outreach.  How can they take what they know, believe and live by and "Unite, Ignite and Equip" those around them to know they are not alone?  This past week, it was a giant party in Hackley Park featuring free food, music, motorcycle stunts, kids activities and more.  Far cry from the "tent revival" days because well, it's really more about finding the right fit.  Acceptance and understanding.  Offering a safety net and a safe place.  Offering help to those who need it and a judgement free way to engage when ready.  It seems is I harken back to some of the stuff I learned in 12+ years of religious education that's where it all outreached hand and an understanding of what it's like to need help and then to give that help freely and with no expectation of return.

Jennifer joined us to talk about the 1M Project and we presented her with $1000 to keep on doing what she's doing.  Take a listen.  


We are so fortunate to have partners like Shon Cook and Scherdel Sales and Technology to help with the Step it Up program.  It's the generosity of our community that makes Muskegon such an incredible place to be and if you add in the compassion and understanding that a group like the 1M Project adds, it's more proof that the claim that "Muskegon is a town of miracles" continues to grow.  Our thanks to Jennifer for her work and of course, Shon and Scherdel for their generosity. 



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