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With what we publish, we offer some work behind the scenes with video production for local companies who'd like a hand telling their story and over the last couple of years, we've bumped in to the Nowak Machined Products owners and they asked if we'd help with a little project to showcase their business and maybe recruit a little.  They could use some quality help it would seem so we gladly accepted the work.  What happened upon beginning of filming however was what we find over and over in Muskegon and maybe part of the reason that the hiring isn't as quick and easy as it should be is because the story of the company should probably be told.

Nowak Machined Products was born of two brothers.  Two brothers that utilized space in another machine shop when it was closed on third shift to begin their business.  Ken and Joe Nowak began in 1982 with the drive and the dream.  Flash forward 40 years those late nights coming in and resetting the machines in a borrowed shop they have turned Nowak Machined Products into a family owned and operated full-service production CNC machine shop. Specializing in medium to high volume production of machined components for a variety of industries including Automotive, Power Sports/Recreational Vehicles, Agricultural Equipment, Materials Handling, and Fluid Power.  Some of the names of the places they supply from little old Muskegon Michigan are staggering and chances are more than likely, you have used something built by Nowak. nowakCareers at Nowak Machined Products

Where we kind of felt the story lied was in the way this company is run.  Family is not only the ownership, it's the core value.  As we sat and heard from workers on every level of their employment journey, the support, care and dedication to making sure that a balanced and happy life was achieved was overly apparent.  Granted, this isn't a haven for slackers, but the effort put in by someone working at Nowak will be met with a return of opportunity, advancement and returned loyalty.  The company culture is that of an open door and from the owner down, no one is "just a number".  The value of the people that help make Nowak successful and that is their core belief.

As 40 years has gone by, the next generation of Nowak's are weaving their way into the leadership.  Before we began filming on day 2, I asked Jillian Nowak-Meloche and Matthew Nowak if we could just highlight their place a little too, and share what they have built.  Muskegon loves a success story and we certainly love sharing them more than the usual fare reported about our town, so take a listen and quick tour with us at Nowak Machined Products. 



To walk away from a business with more good ideas than you had when you went in is a win by any definition.  Nowak is precisely what Muskegon is built on and continues to thrive by.  Think back to 40 years ago when two brothers had the idea of doubling down, working all night in a borrowed shop to one day have their own and now, their children are preparing to make it ready for the next generation.  Nowak defines who we are and what we do here by both words and deeds.  They are deeply involved in community, deeply involved in their company and those who make it thrive and 40 years strong.....we thank Nowak for the chance to become better by working with them. 

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