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It was a sun soaked day in Norton Shores as Community Choice Credit Union began to set up for their annual backpack giveaway for back to school.  Part of their company culture and commitment to the communities they serve is to find ways to directly support the people and organizations that make an impact.  We have worked with Community Choice and from supporting local, small family owned restaurants by picking up the tab for an entire day or sending young people off to college with a $5k scholarship, Community Choice is walking the walk when it comes to their mission of GIVING BIG.


A backpack giveaway is a surefire hit, but we're talking Community Choice here so let's stack it up.  Papa J's Chili Dogs on hand to make sure everyone gets fed.  Delicious dogs and walking tacos for everyone!  Backpacks!  JUST UNDER 1000 of them given out.  Like 40 shy of 1000 to those who came and how about this for amazing?  The family who runs the 7th and Monroe Mini Food Pantry....Community Choice Manager Phil gave them a large bag of left over backpacks to put in the pantry.  Think they know the community a little?  Face painting, balloon animals, caricature drawings, candy dig....we even brought out the big sound system we've got and let the music play for 4 hours.  Add in the incredible police and fire staff from Norton Shores and even Mayor Gary Nelund on hand to assist.  All hands on deck.

Sure, it was free backpacks, but in reality, Community Choice is walking the walk.  They are building community.  It's one thing to brag it up, it's another to take what could be spent elsewhere and filling a need.  If in filling that need you have occasion to make it fun, do that.  This kind of outreach happens in all the towns that Community Choice works in, but Muskegon embraced the day like no other.  That was the hope of Monica Lee.  Monica takes care of the engagement around West Michigan for Community Choice and her hope was that since Muskegon was the Grand Finale of backpack giveaways this year, that it would be a big one.  Well, have a look.  Nearly 1000 given away.....that's GIVING BIG.


It's the heart and soul behind a statement like GIVES BIG idea that makes it happen.  Anyone can make a statement but watch what they do.  See how they work and then try to learn a little more about their commitment to who they serve.  Community Choice Credit Union has helped Every Woman's Place, The Child Abuse Council, local kids with college scholarships, local business with days where they pay for it all, backpack giveaways, and that's the big stuff.  There are probably a million smaller things that happen too.  As Muskegon grows, so will Community Choice with us and to know a community focused entity like this is's a step in the right direction.  We are proud to work with Community Choice Credit Union on so many great things happening in Muskegon. 

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