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Jump in and let's go!!  We're off on another ride at Betten Baker Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC on Henry Street in Muskegon and Brock Williams is our host this time for a ride in a real beauty!  A 2023 GMC Acadia Denali.  WOAH!  


This is our 3rd ride along and these vehicles are just amazing.  My personal car is an 09 Escalade and it's nice.  It's really nice for a 13 year old car, but the level of safety, technology and overall cool stuff that gets packed into a vehicle today?  It's enough to blow your mind.  We've shown you some of the features in the last couple of cars like automatic lane correction, brake assist with traffic in front of you, multiple camera angles and more.  This Acadia offers a lot of all of that and keeps in mind passengers in the vehicle like no other.  Living through the torture of car seats?  This car has a feature to get you into the spacious third row seating WITHOUT taking the seat in and out.  Need power?  USB outlets are everywhere and tucked away so things won't snap the cord.  Need more power?  Plug in your toaster if you like.  There's a 120v outlet.  Bagels on the way to work or plug in the kids computer and quit listening to excuses about homework.  You'll see all this and more in our ride along with Brock.  Which is where the plot takes a twist. 

Betten Baker Chevy does a lot in Muskegon right?  Lot's of sponsorships, lots of giveaway's and prizes for events.  The growth and expansion of Betten Baker across the state is one of Muskegon's biggest success stories, but at the end of the day, it's the people who make any company what it is.  Doing things for people goes all the way through the team and Brock is an exceptional young leader that you might not otherwise get to hear about.  Brock is a coach for the Muskegon Elite Travel Football Team.  He coaches kids from ages 5-13 and uses football and athletics to keep them away from the other influences that may pull young people into life on the streets.  A Muskegon Heights Tiger, Brocks time away from work is spent trying to mentor and be a father figure to kids who might not otherwise have that kind of guidance in their lives.  He's taken the team as far away as Georgia for championship games and they have a game coming up after the Detroit Lions at Ford Field September 11th.  Imagine the inspiration, excitement and memories those kids will have because Brock and his fellow coaching staff took the time to invest in them and bring them a one in a lifetime opportunity to take the field on that level.  This is where we separate ourselves from the rest of the media when it comes to what we do.  Anyone can show you the car, it's features and drive it around telling some jokes.  Brock is changing lives and making a difference for our future while making a career out of putting you in a vehicle.  Pretty good lens to look at your hometown Chevy dealer through huh?

Jump in, let's go!  It's a little longer ride.  Brocks story is important.  The car is sweet and the parts of me that are delightfully of the many surprises on the ride. 


How bout that?  Not only did you get to see one of the stunning new 2023 GMC Acadia Denali models up close and personal, you got to meet a young man who's devotion to the future is in the pit of his heart.  You can clearly see he's a car guy and knows his stuff, they all do at Betten Baker.  They also have the knowledge, of financing options, rebates, leasing options depending on what your driving needs are and more.  Customer service is paramount and giving back to the community has been a staple of Betten Baker and why they are growing to serve the rest of Michigan.  Muskegon is leading the way in this field.  We're more than happy to show the rest of the state just how it's done and the people who do it!  Stop in and say hi to Brock today.  We're so proud to be able to work with Betten to show you more than just cars! 

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