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What a Summer of fun it's been in Hackly Park on most Friday nights while the return of Party in the Park and all it's glory has gotten back into the swing of things!!  Week in and week out, hundreds, if not thousands joined together for some music, some food, some drinks and fellowship as our flagship fundraiser made it's way through it's 38th season.   One thing we're best at and that's throwin' a party and if we can do it in a way that benefits the people and passions that help move Muskegon along, we're in!


We at the Muskegon Channel are thankful to have been a part for a couple reasons.  One, believe it or not...sitting here typing things behind a screen...a tad on the mind numbing side.  Getting out to see people....that's a good thing.  Two, these organizations that are volunteering and benefitting.....let's make them a little louder.  These are the people who are making things tick and taking care of needs that might otherwise go unmet!  The more we can celebrate their work and share their message, the better off we all are.  Three, put Andy on a stage and give him a mic already will ya?  He's driving us all nuts. 

The final party is Friday night however and in the spotlight is the Disability Network West Michigan.  From the Disability Network West Michigan website - "Disability Network West Michigan provides independent living resources for people with disabilities in Muskegon, Oceana, Newaygo, Lake, and Mason Counties."  Their work is vast and it's centered in a way to help those with disabilities get what's equal.  It's achieved through education, advocacy, support and understanding.  They work with companies, individuals and municipal entities to show that inclusiveness isn't some forced mandate, it's an improvement of the quality of life for an entire community and it's also an amazing way for people to see that different isn't always a huge compromise or give, in fact...most of the time it's an incredible gift to all.  There are other programs offered too.  Let's get right to the point...are you uncomfortable around someone with a disability?  Learn from Disability Network some of the "do's and don'ts's" and break that barrier down.  They are there to help....I promise ya that.  (Huge secret too, you will be a far richer human for doing so)

Diane Fleser is the Executive Director of Disability Network West Michigan, we sat down to talk about the organization so you can hear a little more.  Learn now and let's go out big at the grand finale of Party in the Park 2022 Friday night at 5! 


One last Friday night to do it up for such a great cause.  Flexidecible will be the headlining act and the "tapping" happens at 5p!  One last chance to gather together in the middle of all that's new Downtown Muskegon in one of the most revered and perfectly preserved spots we have.  The setting is intimate, the atmosphere relaxed.  It's family friendly and it's filled with purpose, even though it's a benefit disguising itself as a party!  We'll see you Friday night at Party in the Park.