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If you've ever been a part of the Day of Caring that the United Way of the Lakeshore hosts, you know first hand the power of community.  It's a surreal feeling to be a part of an endeavor that stretches out over all corners of the county and puts people into neighborhoods to actively participate in the direct support of people and purposes that make a difference in our community.  It's an immersive day of getting things done and when those involved walk away from it, they see that they have been a part of something bigger.


For over 100 years, that's what the United Way of the Lakeshore has been.  A chance to be part of something bigger.  A central place to bring community and purpose together to foster awareness and funding for things that might not otherwise get the due attention and to focus the impact on what's available to help foster a better community to have the most impact.  Christine Robere and Dominique Bunker from the United Way of the Lakeshore join me to talk about the Day of Caring and the Campaign Kick Off this year.  Take a listen.  


The Day of Caring sparks a lot of emotion in people.  So often we find ourselves in such a rush.  Personally, there are days when I can't even remember to make a call to the cleaners to see if I left a sport coat there by mistake. (Which, by the way....hang on a sec.  Nope.  Not there)  When is the last time you took a day to do something for someone who could do nothing for you in return?  This isn't the standard good Samaritan speech, not at all.  This is a request to try to get you to slow down and catch your breath a little.  Even if you can't be a part of the United Way Day of Caring, it's really not a lot out of ya to stop and give a random courtesy once a day.  You probably won't even notice it when it comes along, but when you sit down at the end of the day, and think back to over what went on, that one moment of gratification and giving should pop into your mind.  That's the one step you took to make the world a better place.  On the Day of Caring, you can do it in groups and with friends.  It's an incredible day and one that builds what we are best at building in Muskegon and that's community.

The United Way Campaign also kicks off on Friday.  This is the annual push to help fund the agencies and programs that the United Way of the Lakeshore works with and it's a large swath.  The level of outreach in Muskegon is high and the number of agencies and services in need are still working their way back from all we've been through.  The United Way has been sustainable but down some with their annual pledges from the area companies they work in tandem with.  When the United Way comes to present to your work, listen.  Hear how far they go and make every dollar work for the betterment of all.  From things like the Dolly Parton Imagination Library to advocating for those who barely get by in the ALICE program and working to better support child care providers and those in need of their services, the United Way of the Lakeshore is laser focused on actionable and working programs to help people get up on their own two feet and sustain themselves to make our community a better place.  We are sop proud to work with the United Way of the Lakeshore annually on their different initiatives.