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The Dalton Township Fire Department is the central spot of the northern tier of Muskegon County and serves a large area with remarkably busy roads, a very diverse landscape and more than one municipality and if you count in the mutual aid the offer surrounding departments it's very quick to see that they are a staple in the emergency services of Muskegon County.  We are thankful for their hard work and commitment to us all.

Their Fire Chief, Alan Styles is also a magnificent traditionalist  when it comes to fire fighting and the comradery, safety, history and future of fire fighting and rescue.  With that, we're lucky enough to get the call to show you a part of fire tradition going back to the very beginnings of organized fire fighting.  "Pushing In" has become a way for the entire community to feel that they have a piece of ownership in their fire department, and they do...because after all, the hero's of the police, fire and other first responders....they are all part of our community too.  It's with our most sincere thanks to al of them that we're proudly sharing this tradition with you.  


We're thankful to Chief Styles for the invite and chance to show you something so steeped in tradition. We're also thankful to those who protect and serve every day.  It's a chaotic world and the frontline services have been through a lot and, even before what's been...they have chosen to be there at the moments that others need them most.  It's a high degree of honor that follows those who run in when everyone else is running out and to those who are willing to do that for all of us, we humbly say thank you.  Dalton Township is a really nice community with a lot of room to grow.  Learn more by visiting them online.