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Cedar Creek Township is small, has a very low population density, plenty of agriculture and is probably one of the most picturesque places in all of Muskegon County.  Inland lakes, streams, rolling hills and thick forestry are a part of life every day in Cedar Creek Township and the preservation of that is one of the key factors of the Township leaders.

Annually, Cedar Creek hosts a drive to collect the used tires that pile up in garages, barns and back yards.  After all, it's a 100 year gap until a tire will decay if just left out.  It's a small group of those who help and a LARGE amount to work that gets done.  Cedar Creek Township Supervisor Linda Aerts however explains the passion and purpose behind this incredible community effort.  It's a short video piece to honor the work of so many great people.



In the end, it was nearly 3 tractor trailers filled with tires of all shapes and sizes. From bicycle tires to stock car racing tires and even some of the tires designed for agricultural purposes.  The world is a little cleaner, a handful of Cedar Creek residents are a lot grubbier and the important part is that they all came together to make it happen as a community.  It was a great day in beautiful Cedar Creek Township.