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What began with the request to "Just be like other kids" on the part of a little girl who once wondered why her brothers and sisters did things she didn't do became a small group of friends that rallied around their kids to help them participate in things like sports, and games and activities.  What began with a handful of kids and families grew rapidly and now, No More Sidelines has become an organization in multiple areas of the state and in Muskegon it's one of the organizations that has brought the idea of what makes us "different" isn't always something to be afraid of, but something more to be learned about. 

As the organization has grown, the place the call home has too.  The Folkert Community Hub located on Seminole Road in Norton Shores is the home for the organization and the nice thing about the "Hub" is that it's not only a place for the families of No More Sidelines, it doubles as a community building and is available for rentals for weddings, meetings, fundraisers and more.  Over the last couple years while the pandemic was going on, the biggest and newest addition of the place opened and it's time to FINALLY celebrate the opening of the Andy Blair Sports Complex!  Cyndi Blair takes a minute to talk about what's to come this Sunday starting at 2.


We lost Andy Blair to cancer a few years ago and the Sports Complex is named in his honor.  It's grand opening, finally....converts what was a giant "gym" at one point consisting of one incredibly large cement room that was used in fabrication and ware housing in the past into a complete facility with basketball, volleyball, an indoor track for walking or running.  There are galleries for viewing a snack bar for vocational training for participants in their program.  This facility too, like the rest of the Folkert Community Hub has a dual purpose to serve the No More Sidelines Group.  You can rent it!  Looking for a place to hold drop in games?  How about a practice facility for a travel basketball team?  It's an expansive addition to the health and fitness of the Muskegon area and to learn more about it, you can call 231-332-3849 or visit NO MORE SIDELINES online for more info.