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We’re opening up a series with Trinity Health over the next couple of weeks to highlight the employment opportunities that are available at Trinity Health in Muskegon, Shelby and in the newly added Trinity Health Grand Haven. Trinity Health has been an incredible sponsor of our work and we asked if we could shift our normal coverage with their remarkable doctors to speak directly with you about their need to recruit and retain, especially post pandemic. Trinity welcomed the idea with open arms and there’s a reason that we asked to do a three week featured series.

Our community is what we make of it. Trinity Health is our largest health care provider as well as our largest employer in Muskegon County. They take the very best care of us possible and they are one of the biggest drivers of our local economy. The pandemic and it’s effects not only ravaged the entire planet, it ravaged every healthcare system in the world and they found more weak spots than anyone could have ever imagined. It wasn’t just Trinity, it was everywhere.
We feel it here with Trinity for one simple reason. They are the most visible. They are made of humans and in the middle of the pressure, panic, grief and loss to have held together with what they did has been a staggering success. From a very close observer’s perspective, Muskegon was almost ground zero for a perfect storm. Pandemic, transition into a brand new hospital, maintain normal patient care, hold the line on employee retention when other health systems would offer triple for “travelling nurses”. There’s never perfection in any line of work, but the truly amazing give of those at Trinity who stayed in the trenches deserves to be celebrated annually. There is one more staggering figure that all of those who have been throwing rocks have never stopped and thought about and Chief of Human Resources Cheryl Goodell is going to share the one thing that almost no one factored in when we got hit with the absolute worst. Take a listen.


Those who were ready to retire saw the pandemic as the last dance and who can blame them. Healthcare is a remarkably rewarding field and the career paths within are limitless. But over the course of a career, it’s a never ending learning process. It’s day to day of up’s and downs and joy and sorrow. When it comes time to retire, the level of satisfaction is incomparable but, it’s also time to take what’s been earned. Add in the tsunami of other factors in Muskegon that could tempt people away from a place that can truly provide you a lifelong career path with the support and training built right in from Day 1.

Trinity Health has secured market rate contracts with the unions that operate within the hospital for the employees and the opportunity for growth and advancement in a hospital system built on values, principles and community is right here and right now. Think of a future and think of a path and then start the process of applying to be a part of the brilliant future at Trinity Health.

Help in the future of Muskegon by considering a future at Trinity Health. Our working relationship with their entire team every day shows us miracle after miracle and the most truly remarkable care and compassion for our community and the people in it. After all we are in charge of taking care of one another. To learn more about CAREER OPPORTUNITIES and advancement with Trinity Health please click on the logo below.


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