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Yankee Air Museum announced Wings Over Muskegon Air Show is coming to the Muskegon County Airport in July 2023. The following video has everything you need to know about Wings Over Muskegon Air Show 2023 as well as the 1944 US Army Air Corp. Douglas C-47 Skytrain - "Hairless Joe" - while we take you for a ride to fly over Muskegon and Lake Michigan.

To our readers and fans...make no mistake...we are making a 100% full court press to be a part of every aspect of this next summer because as Muskegon rises, so do we. And together we will continue to show the rest of this world just what a remarkable place we call home.  This is the kind of dignity and focus an attraction like the Wings Over Muskegon event should draw!


A picture is worth a thousand words they say, and this outta be worth a million.  For more info visit Wings Over Muskegon's website.

Yes, we're standing here on a Saturday night with a little swagger.  Why?  Because we've been ratcheting up what we've been doing on a lot of levels and we've been taking a very humble approach on all of it.  We believe as a group that the purpose is always more than the sum of the parts but every one of us has come back from the pandemic with a little more intensity.....a little more drive....and a little louder exclamation point on things.....and while we're going to continue to do just that... on behalf of every one who contributes to this Muskegon Channel,  It's all showing everywhere and I can't thank you guys all enough....loudly and publicly.

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 Special thanks to the Yankee Air Museum

Dogulas C-47 Hairless Joe Cockpit Over Lake Michigan