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We're remarkably fortunate in the fact that we've got sponsors that utilize their time with us to talk directly to you.  Jason Ryan is a State Farm Insurance Agent that does just that and a couple times a year we get together to chat it up and get some questions that might be on your mind answered so that you can be informed when it comes to insurance and what needs there are for you and your family, well,,,more over I guess your family because after all, insurance is there to provide for those in the event you are not able to.

It's hard to believe that in some cases today, even on major national television commercial ad campaigns that you hear insurance companies tell you that you might not need an agent?  That's a warning sign.  They are literally trying to dumb you down into purchasing subpar coverage.  Insurance can be a remarkably complex investment and someone who knows what to look for at every angle is a key partner in making sure that what you pay for isn't washed away by one missed checked box at the time you need it most.  Auto insurance is the topic this time, and it was even mentioned at our house this very morning.  "The car insurance went up $10 bucks".  There's a very easily explained reason and Jason reminds us very simply in a time we would all really rather forget.  Take a listen. 


A car is a huge investment and getting bigger. Combine that with the idea like Jason mentioned that at one point a bumper was a couple hundred$5000?  Having an ally like Jason Ryan on your side is a huge thing.  The idea of some willy nilly fly by night second rate company waiting in the weeds to tell your widow that the life insurance policy had a glitch?  You're brand new car wasn't covered?  You need a guy like Jason Ryan.  Trust me on this one.

jason ryan