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Muskegon to us is just the most precious community there is.  We work daily with the tools, treasure and talent we have to show you better sides of the story and we hang our hat on the idea of having a "New Story to Tell".  Why do we have a "New Story to Tell"?  Muskegon has been going through an evolution over the last 10 years and while it's not readily apparent because we're here in the day to day, the amount of things happening here are a significant shift in the dynamic of a community and to make sure that what is coming and what we hold dear is shared equally between power players and the humble is key.

We are also constantly looking for ways to help improve.  One of the key missing pieces we have here in our opinion?  Simple lack of communication.  As a city is rapidly growing, and the media offerings are shrinking, more and more people are saying "No one is listening to me"......which in turn is eroding our trust in one another.  It's the same discussion in every small municipality in Muskegon County from Fruitport to White River and east to the county line.  This is one of the key priorities of the Livability Lab in Muskegon. What specifically is lacking in this community that needs to be addressed.  This is not limited to inner city issues.  This is open to anyone with concerns in a city, rural or mixed use area and joining me today to discuss the 3.0 version of this panel discussion are Samantha Cornell and Marquis Childress who have been instrumental in this growing event of community engagement.  It's happening October 11th and it's open to all.  


I am going to cut right to some quotes that I have heard while the camera has not been rolling recently.  "Everyone in Muskegon County hates us in Holton because we have no value to them for anything".  "People think Muskegon Heights should just be absorbed into surrounding cities"  Our biggest problem in Muskegon is lack of communication and the cure is to be a part of events like this where you can be heard.  Do you want better got your neighborhood?  Be a part of this free event.  Do you wish that something in Muskegon was better for people who share your ability?  Maybe if you are in a mobility device or use assistance to see or hear?  Do you wonder what life is like for someone who does use a device and want to engage them a little more?  The Livability Lab is where we all join together and talk.  We communicate openly and honestly about what we need as a community and then the work gets passed on to those who can make it come to be.

Yes, we're partnering with this project and yes we are going to be there with all we can to help with what we like to think we do best...communicate!  CLICK HERE to participate in the FREE day of learning, listening and improving the Livability of Muskegon County for all of us.

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