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We began a series last week with our sponsor Trinity Health about a very specific need they have in their health care system.  They need help and they need it now.  As we talked last week, it was nearly a perfect storm in the healthcare field when the Covid pandemic hit.  Even though it was whispered for a long time that we were entirely overdue for a global health scare, the world of healthcare was rocked by the retirement of the "Baby Boomer" generation who simply said enough is enough during the pandemic and there should be some thought given to the hospital systems too that were willing to take from other care systems and hire "Travelling" staff at double and triple the pay, minus the benefits, and left smaller places like Trinity Muskegon trying to pick up the pieces.

It was also a time for Trinity to get to work too not only on patient care, but to sit down with their unions and get their compensation platforms on market rates, their training programs back up to speed and that long view on care for people in Muskegon...including who's going to be the next generation of providers and care givers as Trinity looks even as far as into the elementary education systems to try and help foster the young people to learn what it takes to become a healthcare worker.  Yes, the building blocks begin that early.  Cheryl Goodell explains it a little better however.  This week we're going to talk about who Trinity can welcome a new hire in to Environmental Services and they can walk right through the education, experiences and connections needed to become a Registered Nurse and let me tell you, an RN's wage is a commanding income.  Take a listen 


Our healthcare system is what we make of it right?  It's time too to catch our breath a little and realize that the pandemic caught everyone, everywhere off guard and that includes healthcare.  If you are in need of a career and you are in the healthcare field or you are thinking about is the time to begin your path with Trinity Health of Muskegon, Grand Haven or Shelby as they work to build a staff that will sustain for the next generation with truly remarkable facilities, doctors, communities and YOU!  CLICK HERE to go to the TRINITY HEALTH CAREER page and let's get to work on helping Muskegon's health care system take care of our community.

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