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Yes, this one is coded just for the people of Muskegon to understand.  There's a travelling art piece that is was at the UWMLS that's made it's way now to MCC and it's to benefit EWP who's big event POP is coming up ASAP and we all better make sure we do our part to help the organization and it's quest to support those who suffer DV.  Need some help?  Here we go.

The first stop for the travelling art piece was an auction where Nowak Machined Products and Elisa Hopper got in to a bidding war over the painting.  From there, the resolution was that the painting would travel around to other supporting organizations in the community to speak up for the victims and raise awareness about the work that Every Woman's Place (EWP) does for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.  The first stop was the United Way of the Muskegon Lakeshore (UWMLS) where it was displayed beautifully in the lobby.  Today, it went to it's second stop at Muskegon Community College (MCC) and we were joined by College President Dr. John Selmon, Emily Merten from MCC and Jillian Pastoor from EWP who also mentions the big Power of the Purse event coming up (POP).  Did we get those acronyms in?  Take a listen. 


Muskegon Community College is a key part of our community and our future.  To know that the level of education that is provided for our future leaders as well as the support they need for the essentials is amazing and as we heard, more often than not, students don't know about resources like Every Woman's Place should they be needed.  The ability to provide a hand with essentials too, maybe some food or personal care items, if you stop and think about it...the students there are being taught to build community as much as they are the subjects that they are seeking degrees in.  Pretty smart on the part of MCC.

Every Woman's Place is working toward building the SANE Unit in Muskegon.  Another one of those acronyms, but this time I can't spin it with any charm. Sexual Assault Nurse Exam unit.  Ya, there's no sugar coating that one.  It's desperately needed in Muskegon as currently, all we have is a hospital ER for a woman to visit.  Hard to believe that the most traumatic moment of her life just happened and there she has to sit thinking about it in a room full of people needing stitches and cough medicine.  We can and need to do better, so please support the mission and purpose of Every Woman's Place in Muskegon. 

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