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Must Love Dogs Boutique and Spa located in Grand Haven is the perfect place to pamper you dog or cat. When you come in to the boutique you will be greeted by one of their friendly staff members.
Today I was able to talk with Tonya Christiansen the owner of Must Love Dogs and a sponsor of our Dog Blessed segment.

We start out our conversation at Tonya’s favorite part of the store. The bank of freezers in the store, here you will find raw foods, partially cooked food, Fresh food toppers for both dogs and cats. You will find exotic bison broth as well as Turkey, chicken, fish and many others. Tonya shares how important it is that your dog has moister is your pet's diet to promote good gut health.  Venturing to what my dog would consider heaven, the toys and chews. Must love Dogs has a chew for every type/ strength of breed. You could spoil your pup with an Alaskan moose antler shed. Tonya said that these sheds are found by children of the Alaskan Village, they bring them in, get paid then they get cut up and sold. You will also find toys from the Fluff and Tuff brand. This is a Michigan based business. These toys are built with a durable Tuffweb double liner with a double stitched seam. Side note, if your dog likes to destroy their toys you can call Jodi from Dog Blessed or Tonya from Must Love Dogs and they will be able to help you train them.


With winter coming it is so important to make sure that we are keeping our pets warm and dry. When you are looking for a coat or sweater it is important to make sure that you have one that covers your dog's chest and tummy. Tonya shoes us a nice, large, black coat with flecking on the body and around the neck. Shoes are also a good idea to keep on your dog's paws when you are going to have them outside for roughly more than ten minutes. A good way to choose the right bootie for your pet is to think about what your pet is doing outside.
• You should look for a bootie that has a textured sole for traction.
• Bootie that is water proof or resistant
• Warm dog socks are also available for the extra cold locations/months
• Most booties come with Velcro for easy on and off

Must Love Dogs is not just for dogs, they have the “Kitty Cubby”. Here you will find things like freeze dried anchovies, mouse toys that move on their own, bath products and even beds.
After you have made your purchases and make your way to the register you will be happy to know that Must Love Dogs has a very generous rewards program. They have a frequent buyer program when you are purchasing food, as well as a six-box program. This program gives you 10% back from six of your qualifying purchases.

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