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Working with great partners like Community Choice Credit Union not only keeps us working, but it also gives us the remarkable advantage of being able to stay up to speed on how they interact with the communities they serve around our area and the entire State of Michigan.  What could be spent elsewhere on things for marketing goes right back into the community instead with scholarships, backpacks for kids, support of programs that help people in need and more.  We see it first hand in Muskegon because of our relationship with CCCU, but please believe me that it happens all over the start.  Giving Big is the company culture. 

As school is back in session, Community Choice has not forgotten that teachers have had a bit of a roller coaster ride over the last stretch.  Well, more so than usual.  Teachers are a very unique and truly incredible bunch who manage to take young people who are willing to learn and develop them into the leaders of tomorrow.  They help kids over the bumps in life, they give up their lunch hour to tutor at times and they pay out of their own pockets quite often for the things that are essential in the classroom, supplies and more.  CCCU decided that it was time to Give Big back to some of our area teachers and Monica Lee joins me to talk about that.



Giving back. It might be in the form of a gift to area teachers, maybe it's a day of service at a local place that needs a few more hands on deck, backpacks and a picnic for kids? Donations to the Child Abuse Council and Every Woman's Place. Paying for an entire days business at area restaurants in the pandemic when we first met them? Are you getting the idea of the gravity of the commitment to community that Community Choice Credit Union is giving? It's BIG.

Next, stay tuned!  With the BIG gives like the teacher boxes....also come some smaller events that are more or less "get to know ya" type things.  Stay tuned!!  We'll be talking FREE PUMPKINS, FREE FRESH MADE DONUTS AND FREE CIDER TO CELEBRATE FALL soon at Community Choice Credit Union out by the airport!  Can't wait to see you there.