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It's the one thing we're all not getting out of, well one of two.  Death and taxes, unescapable and yes, but both a little easier handled if talked about and if understood that if preparation is made, it's not as scary or complicated.  But, "It's Complicated" is what were here to talk about today.  It's a new book by Jodi Clock who along with husband Dale and team run the Clock Funeral Home and Clock Timeless Pet's Crematorium in Muskegon.  Yes, they know a thing or two about after life, but getting there is what you'll find "It's Complicated" helps you with.  Preparing for your older years and it's an incredibly effective tool.

There's an awful lot of planning that goes into the "golden years".  From saving for retirement to estate planning, Medicare Medicaid,  living wills and of course things like pre planning funeral arrangements and asset management are all covered.  This is the kind of stuff that makes everyone kind of cringe.  No one really wants to think about these things.  Jodi helps make this pretty understandable and relatable however writing from experience and life knowledge along with bringing her vast amount of know how from her experience in the grief business.  It's her third book so let's hear a little more about "It's Complicated" with Jodi Clock.



Kinda sticks with the expert advice we like to dip into once in a while doesn't it?  A time of grief is not a time to add in a lot of overwhelming circumstance by getting hit with the minutia of forms, paperwork and cumbersome decision making when all you really need to do is heal.  A plan of action is not that complicated and just as mentioned in the video, for me meeting Jodi in a crematorium at first was a little off, but like anything becoming accustomed to the process is where taking what's difficult and making it less complicated is what her book is all about.  Make sure you grab a copy and get that plan started right now.  This is the long game.  You may be 25 reading this and thinking you'll get to it.....this is 25 years down the road ahead of you telling you a piece of friendly advice.  Start right now with Jodi's book!

Jodi Clock can be visited online at her own site JODI CLOCK.  You can also get her book on AMAZON and she's working on some local shops that will have the book available too.  Our thanks for Clock's Timeless Pet's sponsorship of Dog Blessed with Jodi Jarvis Therrian and Jodi Clock for sharing her vast knowlege on a sensitive, but important topic. 

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