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It's our third and final discussion with Trinity Health Chief Human Resources Officer Cheryl Goodell this week on the Muskegon Channel.  We work hand in hand with Trinity Health in Muskegon as a sponsor as well as an incredible source of first hand wisdom from remarkable providers right here in Muskegon who give us world class care.  It's hard to think of many other small, local media outlets anywhere in the country that have the privilege of the access we do to the resources Trinity Health offers.

The urgent need at the moment at Trinity Health here and in health care around the world is workers.  People who are ready to take on the challenges of care in the new generation past the retired baby boom generation which saw the last of their days in the field during the Covid pandemic.  They served incredibly, but the time for change was building long before the pandemic hit, it was seen by giant organizations that plan educational paths like Talent 2025 but a pandemic wasn't factored in over years of planning and it's left healthcare searching, and opportunity calling.  Cheryl explains. 


The career pathing opportunities are real and the time is now for people to think about the future of the healthcare system in our community.  As we've talked over the last three weeks, the possibility is there for you to literally walk in to Trinity Health at an entry level and work your way up through the career fields in healthcare to any position you desire and they will support the education, experience and help you grow as a person and leader. 

The depth and scope of the topics discussed over the last three weeks have felt like a seminar.  They should because while we try to keep our conversations as engaging and friendly as we can, this is some serious business when it comes to your future and taking full advantage of a time when premiums are being offered to bring you into a field where payoff is life long and rewarding beyond measure.  I think too, and this is a comparison to maybe help draw a point.  Think of the chances to learn and grow here like an apprenticeship anywhere.  There will be some college level learning along the way here if you choose, but as Cheryl said in the interview....the first think that she looks for it attitude...willingness to work and the desire to become part of the team.  It's that way just about anywhere so if that's in you, shoot for the stars.

Trinity Health is hiring.  Act on it!  CLICK HERE.

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