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According to a study done by the National Library of Medicine 70.3% of the 792 women involved report having problems breastfeeding. This is a major problem that women are ashamed to talk about. Women have problems producing milk, have sore or cracked nipples, Pain and overall fatigue. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that infants be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months, American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization also agree that exclusive breastfeeding is necessary. The three disagree when it's the right time is to introduce age-appropriate food along with breastmilk.

Mommy’s Treats is a locally owned company, owned and operated by two dads (Brothers) whose mission is to help all women “gain” their milk supply. These men know that breastfeeding has many benefits for both mother and child. Some of the benefits can include providing nutrition to the child, prevent from short- and long-term illnesses, help the infant to develop a stronger immune system. Breastfeeding can also help the mother experience less anxiety, stress and help lower occurrence of postpartum depression.


Mommy’s Treats Stared out of necessity when Christopher’s wife had trouble producing milk for their first son in 2019. After trying other lactation options on the market now without seeing a difference in milk supply, Christopher decided that he was going to not only make a cookie that would work but taste good as well. Nathan and his wife welcomed their daughter shortly after. Nathans wife also had experienced a hard time producing milk. The two brothers continued making their lactation cookie mix for family and friends.

Today Nathan showed me how they put together the chocolate chunk option. Nathan and his brother Christopher are competing with two major lactation cookie makers that are already in stores/ on the market. They are also partially competing with the lactation supplement makers as well. The brothers held a double-blind taste test proved that their cookies tasted much better than the competitors. They also have personal testimony of their lactation cookie mixes working for women that have tried them. Christopher and Nathan sell the bags of lactation cookie mix that makes about 24 cookies or 600grams for $14.99 a bag while the competitors sell 454grams at $14.99 a bag or 570 grams for $22.99, making Nathan and Christopher's lactation cookies not only (in my opinion) the best tasting but the best “bang” for your buck.

Nathan shares with me that you can purchase these amazing lactation cookie mixes and soon other options at

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