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We're always happy to welcome a sponsor on with a little more know how than the average bear, and Jason Ryan with State Farm Insurance is not just a little more knowledgeable, he's a walking encyclopedia of information about insurance.  For those among us of a younger generation, and encyclopedia was the books that they used to put the internet on.  What set's Jason a part from the internet of the encyclopedias is the fact that he's willing to share this info all free of charge here and his work to give back to Muskegon is beyond compare

Today, Andy's coming with some personal experience on insurance issues.  A new house a little over a year ago had one tiny little problem that required some drying out and taking care of and unfortunately, it wasn't a covered problem.  Ground water shouldn't have been a problem at any point and historically had never been, but one weak spot was found.  Which leads to a myriad of other questions.  Watch and see as Jason explains it all like a boss and helps thing be more easily understood and explains that coverage would have been applicable in a ton of other ways.



Thinking about the coverage vs. the cost of life today. Let's stop for a second.  Like mentioned the video.....the tiny leak in a basement....$1000's in clean up alone.  That's just fans, dehumidifiers and damaged carpet removal.  A car that's going to be tied up in repairs a while.  Are you able to handle the cost of a rental if your needed parts are 6 weeks out?  Back to the "bumper" example from a couple weeks ago...all of the cameras, sensors and guides in a bumper now?  The right insurance and the right insurance agent is more important than ever.  Give Jason Ryan a call at 231-744- 5355.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Jason directly and you can always VISIT JASON ONLINE.

jason ryan