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Did you miss out on the wonderful time that Homecomings provided?  Do you wish to go back and relive the experience of high school and not have to run the risk of getting busted by the Assistant Principal for anything deemed "not appropriate"?  How about this?  A night out for a wonderfully humble and purposeful cause that is one of the more "understated" organizations in town but their impact is huge as you'll find out in our visit today with Diane Stubbs who's the Director of Mission for Area People the outreach they achieve is immense while they keep overhead low. 

From their website - "MAP is a nonprofit, faith-based agency dedicated since 1967 to serving the poor and underserved residents of Muskegon County through our healthy choice food pantry, Jefferson St. community garden, a free clothing pantry, rent and utility assistance and the medical support fund. For 54 years we have provided services with dignity while giving a “hand up” versus a “hand out.” Our agency offers help to our neighbors in need; the low income, unemployed, homeless, and lower income working people of Muskegon County who have an emergency need."



The party is going to be outstanding as they all are with MAP. You'll find great food, plenty of libation some fun auction items as well as raffles going on. If you get tickets in advance you'll save a few bucks but you should be able to get them at the door as well if you get right down to the night and have yet to make a decision. The idea of crowing a Homecoming King and Queen is a fun way to help raise a few bucks too! You could even help someone live out the dream they never had if you wanted.

We have a LOT of opportunity in Muskegon to help out.  Mission for Area People does it in a way that's so traditional in giving.  Quiet, helpful and without a lot of fanfare.  There's nothing wrong with recognition for work, but would you have ever known that a kidney was replaced because of the work MAP does had you now watched today?  Would you know that they are helping keep people in housing in a hotel that's costing them more than they can afford?  This is why the work of Mission for Area People is so near and dear to us.  It's an organization that gets it matter what.  We hope to see you at the Homecoming Through the Decades November 5th!



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