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Here it comes.  Yes, we're going right after your heartstrings.  It wasn't long ago that we got a call from the office of the Catholic Social Services organization asking about a story we did about the Foster Grandparents program they have which we'd featured with a story with the United Way earlier in the year, and they said that they were in need of some additional volunteers who are 55 and older.  They get to spend their time with kids, a nice stipend monthly that doesn't interfere with a fixed income and they get the chance to instill a lot of wisdom.  They wanted to "advertise" for more help, and well.....

We could just advertise it, but isn't that kind of what's not really doing the trick?  From past experience and from spending a few minutes with these amazing people who give of their time and talents to be a part of the lives of these kids and teachers....there's a lot more here than just advertising.  There's emotion.  There's humanity.  There's connection and there are bonds being made that will never be forgotten?  While I might have never had a "granny" when I was in the 8th grade, I was assigned Bobby.....and I still know exactly what Bob his mom and brother are doing today.  When I was little Sr. Felicia was tough, but nice....and she has not aged a day....since I was kidding....point is, there are those special people in life that make a difference and do it in a quiet, unsuspecting way that is unannounced, unprepared for and never forgotten.  Meet the Foster Grandparents of Shettler Elementary.


While we did agree to a little help in the cost of the video production, this is really not advertising.  This is showing you gold and it's right there for you to pick up when you get involved with this.  This is fundamental community building and it's life changing at the roots.  we've got a couple more schools to visit over the next couple of weeks, so please....stay tuned...and learn more.  We could have just sold Catholic Charities West Michigan some advertising.....we prefer a partnership to show you just how awesome the people or Muskegon are and that miracles...are unfolding right in front of you. 

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