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We're back with another visit with Jason Ryan from State Farm Insurance to talk about insurance coverage and why it's important that you work with a professional when it comes to getting the coverage you need.  Jason is a great sponsor of all of our work as well as a wealth of knowledge and more so, wisdom in the world of insurance.  A little truth to be told here too, some insurance companies are on TV now a days telling you that cutting out an agent is a good idea, if you listen to this discussion, even the nuance to it, you will see in short order that having someone who knows what they are talking about is the most valuable piece of the entire insurance process.

Jason is talking this time about the necessity to review your insurance every couple of years.  Why?  Life changes.  End of story.  New things are purchased for your home, new things happen in life, kids move in and out....change happens.  Insurance needs to keep up with all of that and if it doesn't, you may be left out when you need it.  Next, knowledge.  Maybe you need something, maybe you don't.  Isn't it nice to have options?  Life insurance?  It's not for's for your family and then think about things like disability and more.  It's another great discussion and highly valuable.  Take a listen. 


If some scary looking guy is on TV telling you that saving $3 on insurance is a good idea and you don't need an agent, stop and think about everything you just heard from a trusted community member compared to someone who'd buying the lowest rate on cable for ad space. Jason is committed to the security, safety and peace of mind of his clients and this community and it shows in all he does for them.  From being one of the most trusted State Farm Agents in Muskegon County to his work to support local causes like Kids Food Basket, Jason Ryan puts community first and choosing him to be your insurance agent is a great idea.  I have for myself and I couldn't be happier!

jason ryan