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It's been just an amazing experience to share the stories of the Foster Grandparents that work in our area schools through the Americorps Seniors program and Catholic Charities West Michigan.  We were asked to begin back in September to introduce you to some of these remarkable individuals in the hopes that when you see them and what they do, you might find it in yourself to be a part of the program and pitch in a few hours a week.  They really need some help at the area schools and the rewards and the stipend to you.... well, the stipend is just the icing on the cake. 

Let me share a little something the camera can't pick up on.  Sure, between Fruitport and Hesperia there are a lot of miles and a lot of people.  In all of those miles too are a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs and abilities.  The Foster Grandparents program is a way for you to be able to leave a lasting legacy on the lives of a younger generation.  The ability to help them past the noise that they and their young families are all enduring is truly the reward of this job and the way that you are able to imprint on their young lives that through the trials and tribulations of growing up in 2022, it's going to be ok.  It's the wisdom of the generations that the seniors possess and are not afraid to share that is the wealth of this program.

We spent our final visit up in Hesperia.  A little more rural setting for sure but, remarkable none the less as the "Grannies" there also see the kids for years as the Elementary and Kindergarten are in the same building so they are not just limited to a year of being that special role model....they get more.  Meet Betty and Helen!



This is opportunity knocking at a time when what you can give will make a difference in the lives of people for generations to come.  As we've spoken over this series...there's a little help financially for those who give their time, some make a car payment with it and others supplement their retirement.  ALL of the participants have a depth about them that to the practiced eye shows the world that they are fully aware of the lasting impact that they are having on these kids combined with the ample amounts of unconditional love they get day to day and.....that gift of shared wisdom.  The wealth of generations spread deep into the next few. 

To get involved with this incredible program it's as simple as giving a call to the Catholic Charities Office in Muskegon and learning more.  231-726-1200 or CLICK HERE to visit them online!  

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