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If you're not a frequent rider, you might miss it and it's worth a peek.  Not only for the purpose, but the person behind it as quite often the work they do is often not pointed out even though it's seen widely.  We'll circle back to that in a minute but the pressing issue at the moment is helping to stock up the pantry at the Muskegon County Veterans Center with non perishable food items and toiletry stuff so that those who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice have the basics and that they can know that there's a community behind them.

Our artist?  Karen Kacynski is just that.  Her earlier career was with the Loeks Theaters and her palate was the interior of the theaters and the windows.  The murals that she used to create were jaw dropping and took up entire buildings.  She spent a lot of time as a youth in 4-H and applied what she learned into artistic endeavors and though that this year, art could send a message of unity through the community as well as the MATS workers...and she was right?  Like anywhere...the initial idea of tracing hands was met with a grumble....but when the crew hear what was going on and why, they all about in and out of it came this artwork.



Karen is setting an example.  Karen is the spark at MATS that gives the place that extra something.  We all add a little something to work right?  But it's one of these ideas that might seem a little nutty at first but when it all comes together and the end is reached....something extraordinary can come out of it and everyone can be a little closer not only getting the work done, but adding a little purpose to the day too. 

If you're on a MATS ride, think about bringing along a canned good or two to your driver.  If you'd like to see the wreath yourself, stop in Downtown Muskegon to the Herman Ivory Terminal and see.  Remember that this is not only a MATS program, but a community program and to help support those who served is the real goal.  Karen added a breath of fresh air, do your part too.  Help stuff the bus but dropping off your non perishable items Downtown. 

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