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Look at the calendar and everything coming up this week.  Thanksgiving is a BIG one and of course what was once the fun of Black Friday that follows, well...that's turned into "buying season" and while the deals are awesome and you can REALLY stock up for yourself or for your friends and might be a good idea to stop and make a budget on who you want to buy for and what you want to spend.  Here's the thing.....

If you want to splurge, great.  Do it, start this year by saving for next.  A pile of cash is a great way to get it all done.  At Community Choice Credit Union, they have a program called "Targets" that can help you develop patterns to do just that, year after year and have a lifelong practice of it.  They also have a vast network of people across all of Michigan including Muskegon and Holland where people like Courtney Porrett work and can help with their years of knowledge and  advanced training in best practices in financial well being.

Courtney is talking today about some of the hidden risks in some of what you may be tempted with this year.  High interest on credit cards.  High annual fees?  Maybe an "interest free financing" offer that runs out and charges you all of the back interest when it comes due?  Courtney has a little delay in her end....but ZERO delay in knowing a lot about budgeting.



It's really easy to go big. We are all pushed so hard to do just that.  From the push of instant gratification to the relative ease of getting what you want right there on the spot, you can dig yourself in a hole quick.  Not only does Community Choice Credit Union offer better ways to prepare in advance, they offer ways to get out of the mistakes you might have made in the past with the high interest credit cards and unexpected backed up interest that all came due at once.  Maybe a loan to help break the cycle of interest and get you back to where you can build credit instead of have it negatively drive your life?  Stop in to one of the West Michigan Community Choice Credit Union Locations today to learn more!