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As we work both in front of the camera and behind it, we are so incredibly fortunate to meet people that have an impact that might otherwise get recognized in their circles.  Today, we've got someone for you who'd probably pass on the pomp and circumstance, but the work she's been doing and the teams  she's built have changed the lives of individuals and the work will last to reshape communities for generations to come.

Nancy McCarthy was introduced to us when we were asked to film a short presentation for the Community Foundation as she was receiving this years Impact Award for her work.  She's also a past Athena Award winner and honestly, we stopped digging there because with that kind of brass sitting around, Nancy's humble approach is the the first thing that sets you back on your feet when you meet her.  A quote from the Community Foundations Facebook page, "Nancy is an outspoken advocate and trusted community member. She has shared, "As you look at your own personal situation, be grateful for the prosperity that is yours and vow to share some of what you have with those who are struggling. I believe we were placed on this earth to help each other. I believe in the goodness and generosity that is part of each person in this community and the world."  Anyone care to argue the necessity of more of that?

Nancy's drive now includes some equally strong women who've joined her.  Mary Anne Gorman and Kim Suarez have joined us today to talk about the Business Equity Initiative Fund.  It's a community effort launched to help position women business owners, specifically women of color for success.  Is it a hand out?  In no way.  It's a way for those who cannot qualify for traditional lending opportunities to get a start and it's a direct reflection of Nancy's thoughts on gratuity and sharing.  This is based on those who've had some success wanting to see the same for others.  This is community building at the most intimate level there is.  Pay very close attention to this conversation.  A programming note, the soft lighting did play a little havoc on the auto focus at the beginning, apologies all around.



Once upon a time there was a guy who was quoted as saying "Look for the helpers".  We do just that and the good fortune of being able to bring them to you....well, we've been at this since 2015 and it's getting just slightly easier, and those helpers are becoming a little more notable.  But look too!  Those helpers are also bridging a path for the helpers who have the desire and passion but need that first step.  Sometimes, that first step is all it takes.  It's not about the money more often than's about the fact that someone believed in them.  That spark.  That magical moment when affirmation occurs and a dream takes the first step.  Anyone can throw money at something.  These women along with Nancy....they are reshaping futures.  We found the helpers.

If you'd like to help them, or learn more you can visit the Community Foundation online.  To speak specifically about this program at the Community Foundation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is the contact.  231-722-4538.

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