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The Christmas season to so many is the most precious time of year.  The birth of Christ signifies the beginning of the Christian faith and the celebration of the season is the holiest time of the year.  Others see it as the end of the year, a time for friends and family to decompress, reflect and gather while slowing the pace and stopping to remember what is important.'s a remarkably hard time of year and coping is more than they can manage. 


Our purposes here are carrying on no matter how you celebrate because we seek out those who make a difference in the lives of others.  Step it Up Muskegon was the idea of Attorney Shon Cook, Scherdel jumped on board and we began making a financial contribution to area 501c3 organizations.  It's a humble program the financial end helps and we hope too that the exposure to the organization serves them well for their mission and purpose.  

December, Muskegon Pregnancy Services is doing a drive to help get some "Cribs for Christmas".  The push?  MPS works with parents to save a pregnancy.  They are a faith based pro life organization and their mission is to help parents understand the options available to them to carry a baby to term even if they are unable to be a parent themselves.  They work to help them with this through support, education, health services and more in a time that can be very stressful and limited on where to turn next.  

Helping to provide for the babies and families served here is the goal and Debra Null is joining us today to talk a little more about the work of MPS and the mission they are trying to fulfill.  The support of any child is in lock step with us....let's learn a little more about Cribs for Christmas.



As we close out one year and think of new beginnings, no matter the faith you profess, this is a time of renewal.  We're bookending one year and opening a new one and the symbolism and significance of new life resonates globally.  To assure that those who come into our part of this world have what's needed, and those who work to help provide that for them are supported....that's the core of our community.  The strength in all of us begins with the children we raise and to begin at day one with the provisions needed is elemental.  

To learn more about Muskegon Pregnancy Services, you can find their website linked below.  

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