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All over the Muskegon area we've been seeing large scale, magnificent art popping up over the past couple years and as it's settling in, it's becoming part of the fiber that makes up this community.  Some have their opinions on the art....after all, art is subjective, but over all the splendor and beauty of what's been added seems to be a pretty remarkable addition to the Downtown area, out by Pere Marquette or on some of the bridges that span Seaway Drive.

We're a big area though, and to bring a substantial piece of art into the center of another Downtown who's equally putting in the effort to revitalize and reimagine all it can's very much over due.  It's very much deserved and it's very much a tip of the cap to the rich history of a community and a promise of hope that honoring tradition carries.

Rowan Park in Muskegon Heights is going to be the home of the "Band Together" statue which is in the process of being designed now and will be built over the coming months and placed in the park in Muskegon Heights this summer.  It's a massive tribute to the Muskegon Heights Tigers Marching Band and the Drum Majors who led them over the years entertaining 1000's with their high stepping swing and limitless energy to play.  It's a part of the "Reaching New Heights" program that is happening now in Muskegon Heights and if you've not been to the neighborhood lately....well, you should.  

Things like roads are taking a while to get fixed, but the underlying feeling in Muskegon Heights is forward.  Every single neighborhood here has it's unique challenges, and we are all unique to our own but we are equally one community too.  What's good for one area elevates us all and to see things in Muskegon Heights happening like more street parties, cafe's opening up, community festivals and a very successful concert this past summer.  Ideas working like a new shopping district being added along Sherman and new, younger people coming to the plate saying "it's my turn to lead".  If you are not on the ground day to might be missing it when they talk about "Reaching New Heights", but it's not a joke.  It's only a beginning.  

Judith Hayner is the project director of this massive public art initiative all over the area.  We first got to know Judy in her time as the Executive Director of the Muskegon Museum of art.  Troy Bell is the City Manager in Muskegon Heights and we plunked down to let you in on what's to come....take a listen.



It's a pretty exciting addition to Rowan Park in the City Of Friendly People.  We're always happy to bring you something cool out of Muskegon Heights.  Our film "Tiger Pride - Continuing the Legacy" was an incredible opportunity for us to learn so much more about Muskegon Heights history and people.  The resilience and drive along with the hospitality and warmth is something not often found in communities and as they refocus what's easily seen and what's not....the time is now for all of us to embrace that the collective strength of every neighborhood in Muskegon is where our wealth lies.  It's in the idea that we all rise together that we succeed and that everyone pulling on the same rope, no matter the zip code or street address is how we Band Together.  Donations can be made to the Band Together fund at the Muskegon Community Foundation