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Muskegon County growing in so many ways.  Advances are coming at us all in so many directions and keeping track of them all is a little bit much.  Let's add in all of the stuff people wonder about online now a days too, like who's asking questions and why...and sadly, too many people don't help because they are afraid of scams.  This is important however so we wanted to help push this info with a little assurance to our viewers that the more hands on deck with this one, the better.

Broadband expansion money is up for grabs from the Federal Government.  Billions.  The process works it's way to us from the Feds, to the state and then to the local level and it's not an overnight process.  The beginnings of it is data collection to find out where the blank spots are in the county where broadband is needed and the level of access to the internet is equal for all.  Why is this essential and why is Muskegon's Economic Development Leading the drive?

Like any "utility" adequate service to those who are looking to move to an area is essential for both business and residential purposes.  We've learned over the last few years that people are working in different ways, consuming media in different ways and communicating in ways that wasn't even imagined when the majority of the infrastructure in our county was put in.  This grant money working it's way toward us will help those who reside in more rural settings, and believe it or not, Muskegon County still has plenty of spots with "no bars" when it comes to cell signals, let alone broadband.

Morgan Carroll is with Greater Muskegon Economic Development and she's explaining why broadband expansion is so essential and how a few minutes of your time in filling out the survey can help secure major funding for our community.



It's not a scam. It's not a way to do anything other than pull on the same rope as a community to achieve something for all of us.  While it's technically not a "public utility" the internet is almost impossible to live without anymore and the access to all is the goal of this work.  To TAKE THE SURVEY click there or you can follow the image below to visit the Greater Muskegon Development page to assist with your few minutes of time.

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