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Hackley Community Care is an amazing sponsor of our work and their outreach into Muskegon is incredible.  The last few years on all of health care has been overwhelming to put it lightly and a major piece of the puzzle is the necessity for new people to join the health care field and begin a career that is not only financially rewarding, but brings a level of job satisfaction that's not often found in a "job" but a career that fullfills purpose on multiple levels.  That is what you'll find in health care and that's what you'll find at Hackley Community Care.

Over our last bit of time, one of the key factors in health care was retirement of those who were at or near the age of calling it a career.  The "Baby Boomer" generation was right at that age where a global pandemic made the option to retire look pretty appealing.  The next factor was the idea of some other out of town health care providers who willingly recruited staff away from smaller communities like ours to hire "travelling nurses" with higher wages...but no benefits to help them push through the pandemic.  It got pretty chaotic for small town health providers, and the result is a chance for you to grab a spot in a new forever career.

Hackley Community Care will be hosting 2 in person events to recruit those who are looking for work.  There are positions open in fields from entry level home health care to Dentists that need to be filled and all points in between.  Registered Nurses.  Social Workers. Clerical. Pharmacy help.  Supervisors and more.  It's a list of careers that offers endless opportunity for a growing and incredible organization.

Ricarlo Winston is a long time friend of The Muskegon Channel and has recently taken the role in HR at Hackley Community Care and it was time to talk!  The first event is at Hackley Community Care located on Baker Street in Muskegon Heights on Jan 11th at 9am.  On January 18th the event moves to the Us Cafe from 10a-2p on the corner of Barney and Maffett.  We caught up quick and bring you the details on what's needed.  All hands on deck.



It's not every day that the stars align like this. Hackley Community Care means business when it comes to getting you in a better direction and applying who you are to better yourself and your community through what they offer as a career.  If you are just starting out, think of the possibility of real world experience as you learn and an atmosphere dedicated to the betterment of our community and the people who work in it.  One quick stand out...a glance at the "JOIN OUR TEAM" page, is where they assist with student loan repayment for providers and all the benefits offered to those who are part of the team.  Please make sure your resume and cover letter are fired up and ready for either event and grab the new year, and new opportunity while you can.

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