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2022 was a year for us that marked some moments that we should stop for a moment and say thank you for because as they happened, well they all happened very quickly and it’s in the slowing down of things here at the end of the year that we are able to share a thought and express our thanks as well as point out one singular moment that meant the most by our standards.

We work in a way that requires patience, time and a slow simmer. We’ve decided that a marathon is a lot more important than a sprint and that with the things we’re being trusted with, we have stepped into a role of curation for a community and it’s people. Our entire presentation encompasses some things that are funny, somethings that are provocative, somethings that inform and some that entertain. All of what we do is in the mindset of giving everyone a chance to know that their role in our community is essential no matter the neighborhood they come from or size of their bank account.

In 2021 we were asked to begin a project for the Muskegon Heights School Academy under it’s former management system. It was a curriculum based project where families were asked to being in an heirloom piece of theirs and talk about it’s history and it’s meaning to them. As filming unfolded, the spoken history of the entire community came out and Director Derek Wong was able to help tell the story of Muskegon Heights in 41 minutes better than I have ever heard in my entire life with the help of the people who live and work there from 4 different generations of residents. We made a documentary and it debuted at the Frauenthal on June 16th.

Days before the documentary premiered, one of the cast members passed away. Brother JF Harris was not able to make the premiere and we all felt the loss deeply. Brother Harris had touched the lives of THOUSANDS of people who have called themselves a Tiger with pride over the years and his outreached hands to the kids he helped navigate teen years through their early adulthood….his legacy will live on for generations to come.

It’s in the honor that we were allowed this opportunity to share the lives and stories of so many incredible people who give more every day, and it’s in the memory of a man who set the example for them to follow who we happened to be blessed enough to capture on film so that history can never forget a true giant who's wisdom, kindness and compassion is a timeless example for everyone.


We hope that as we grow in 2023 along with the rest of Muskegon, it's known that it's our commitment to doing the very best we can with what we have to produce a product of value to this community, our audience and those who help sponsor our work. We treasure every chance we get to help showcase what's good about our home and those here who make us who we are.  Thank you one and all for giving us all a reason to never work a day.  It's a labor of love and our honor to be able to collect treasures to share all over the world.  God Bless Us All in 2023.