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We've long been partners with those who are working to help or advocate for people who struggle with dementia or "brain changes".  It began as a personal quest for me after seeing how my dad was effected by my grandfather losing his memory at the end of life.  He asked my dad one day - "Have you seen Pete?"  "Well, dad, I'm Pete."  "No, Pete's just a little guy, he's maybe 4."  Allow me a moment?  I have never once seen sadness in my dad's face like the moment he was forgotten and it set my compass on how I needed to use what I have to help in any way.

LifeCircles-Pace is an organization in West Michigan who's goal is to help people live at home as long as they can with assistance in a common sense approach to provide an alternative to moving older adults into residential care by providing all inclusive in home care and medical support at their day centers as well as the homes of those they serve.  It's known that keeping older adults in the comfort of their home adds to their quality and longevity of life as they are able to keep normalcy part of their life.  There could come a time where residential care is needed, but to help keep home, the mission.

We know too, that much like cancer, we will all know someone effected by dementia or "brain change" in our time.  It's a disease that has no cure, and work continues to go on to find treatment options as well as ways to prolong the damage done.  It's also something that people are somewhat afraid to address due to the stigma and should someone think they might be seeing symptoms in themselves...they could hide it.  We're talking about tough life stuff here my friends, I wish that adulting was easier.

LifeCircles-Pace is offering a free online Dementia Fair on January 12th for anyone to attend.  It's happening from 1p-4:30p and there is no charge to attend.  To register to be a part of it CLICK HERE.  It's free for everyone.  There is the online option that you can view from anywhere, or if you prefer, you can head to one of the LifeCircles Centers to join for the viewing.  In Muskegon you'll find them at Tanglewood Park on Seminole road. You'll hear presentations from people living well with dementia, tips on brain change friendly approaches and hear form experts on making our community more dementia friendly.

Dr. Allison Ilem joins me today from LifeCircles to talk about dementia and this beneficial program coming up.  Take a listen.  


Let's think back. I seem to remember Saturday mornings on TV and I'd hear "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER".  If you're this far in to this article by now, you remember that too and LifeCircles-Pace is right here with their had extended offering you just that.  As we spoke in the interview....all of this is REALLT hitting home at the house of O'Riley.  I can offer you nothing more than sharing this human experience.  It's in the sharing of our experiences that we can find strength and eliminate those stigmas.  Take advantage of this and tell some friends.  There is no cost and the information is more valuable than gold.  Our many thanks to Dr. Ilem for her time and to LifeCircles-Pace for the chance to share this news.  You can visit LifeCircles online by clicking below and there's another link to register for the ONLINE FAIR just below that.

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