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The push?  Help to teach young people the benefits of science, technology, engineering, arts and math.  Truth be told, they all go hand in hand in some way or another.  The challenge?  Engaging these young minds in ways that inspire, motivate and drive them to drop the entertainment they have today....which, let's be honest...we'd have a pretty hard time putting down too compared to an Atari 2600.  Add in things like Tic Tok and YouTube and the level of input to a sponge of a little mind...well, keeping as far ahead as we can to help them learn is the mission we have as adults.

The path?  It's in the development of ways to bring what's cool to the forefront an give kids the chance to become creators of all they see.  That's where STEAM Along the Lakeshore May 6th comes in.  The first time event in 2022 was a giant success for students and the Muskegon Community College Fab Lab at the Sturrus Center in Downtown Muskegon across from Hackley Park. Kind and families came out in droves to be a part of the activities and enjoy the presentations, the hands on activities and the chance to dream a little.  The Fab Lab itself is filled with opportunities to dream it and do it, and when the community surrounds it with what they do...the spark sets off what could be a lifelong pattern of learning and success.  

Is there a motive here?  Yup.  There's a sincere need to rework the pipeline of talent heading into the workforce. STEAM jobs are the focus along with other areas of specialty....nursing and medical are another big one, and yes...there's a lot of science and technology in there too.  STEAM however leads to high paying, high demand jobs that can sustain a career and help us all compete on a worldwide level.  The challenges go far beyond what we see today too.  Sure, we all know that "building a better mousetrap" will get you something, but what about the challenges that are coming that we have yet to even know about?  That's where it's important to create young dreamers.

This "Fab Lab"?  The guy on the point?  There's no one better.  Chris Kaminski is one of those "young minds" as a grown up.  When Chris isn't busy doing the day to day at the Fab Lab, he's finding some new way to make something awesome with what's on hand inside the place.  From 3-D printing, welding, robots, scanning, milling, etching and more....Chris has a giant playground of technology that can be used by anyone on a membership basis.  Did a lightbulb go off?  That means, if you have an idea or an too can get in on the goods.  This stuff is open to the public to be an incubator for ideas!  The STEAM event is not only designed to get you there to see it, it's designed to get you...and your kids creative noodle moving!  Chris joins Cynthia Langlois from Scherdel and Shon Cook from Tabono Law to talk about the event as well as the Fab Lab,  Take a listen. 


We're way ahead on this one for a reason. SAVE THE DATE!!  May 6th!!  After a highly successful first year event, the organizers and sponsors are ready for a big year two and you are invited!  It's an early Spring endeavor and the price couldn't be better.  Kids will get the chance to get the passport to participate and be able to trade that in for an event t-shirt.  There will be plenty of opportunity to explore the main attractions as well as the other presenting vendors and sponsors and do a little "career cruising" for kids who are starting to think what the future might hold, and for the ones who are still just thrilled with cool are planting the seeds of the future....they won't even see it coming.  Good on you.

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