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We are working in partnership with West Michigan Wedding and Jae Laimaee Bridal and Cinderellas Closet to let you know about the Bridal Expo coming up at the beautiful and expansive Barclay Place Events Center in Muskegon on February 4th.  It's an idea that came about when I made mention that I was ordained and am able to be the officiant at weddings while I was playing around on Facebook the other day.  Very cordially, I was asked if I'd like to have some space there to set up some dates to perform a few "hitchings", but I passed as it's not really my main line of work and it's only a few I can do a year. 

However, it was a mighty nice invite and in the conversation, we talked a little about what we publish and when advertising came up, I said we can help but time is short.  So, we hustled up and set forth to meet at Barclay Place and get you the info needed for the event!  Not really sure who I was meeting on the way there...I figured we'd get it done....but upon arrival, I knew I hit gold.  Maybe a little hoarse at the moment, Deb Wolff comes in and says hello...I was staring at a legend in the Muskegon hospitality business.  Debs mom.... Gloria Tudor and since about 1979.... Deb's been right in the thick of it all.

It's been a minute since an expo like this has been possible. Gatherings were hard and with that all behind us for the most part, the ability to get together, taste, smell, laugh and dream is once again in fashion and with wedding season only a few months off, coming together to see what the latest trends, fashions and flavors are is the thing to do.

Deb and I got together at Barclay Place Event center to get you the deets. Take a listen.  



Get yourself registered in advance, avoid the line. Get there early, get a swag bag. Be smart, bring a rubber stamp to enter for the prizes....grab your friends family and make a day of it at the Barclay Place Events Center on February 4th. Fashion Shows at 1 and 3. The admission is free and there's the $1000 giveaway toward a bridal gown as the grand prize!!

Visit West Michigan Wedding OnlineFollow the Expo on Facebook.  

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