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Well, we gave it a shot a couple years ago and if you haven't buried the memory of the last couple of years by now...well, let's have a refresher.  The Noah Project set out to have an amazing fundraiser featuring some of the most incredible stuff up for grabs I'd ever seen.  They even had someone donate some Elton John tickets for the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour, and then it was good bye everything as tours, fundraisers and all in between went dark.  Yes, it sucked.

Fear not!  The good folks of The Noah Project found a way like we all do and they kept things running.  Slugging away with donations, adoptions and those who'd stop by with supplies and time to help when they could and now that the air is clearing and there's a chance to gather again.... we're here to help prime the well for a good time!  It's what Muskegon is most famous for and we are 100% sure that people love pets here!  If you bring them all together for a benefit that focuses on making sure pets find their forever's generally a slam dunk.

February 18th at the Trillium Events Center on VanWagoner Road there's going to be a night out with a western twist to it to help keep the no kill shelter going.  It's a $65 donation to enjoy the music of the Steeple Hill Band, a wonderful Tex Mex buffet of food, raffle and door prizes, wine auction 50/50's drawings and more.  The community has come full tilt to help too as they always do providing plenty of gift cards and experiences for you to take a chance to win.  You can visit the EVENTBRITE PAGE for tickets or stop into the shelter on Airline Road in Muskegon in advance.  

I was invited by Jane McGregor and Bill Vanderweele who are the President and Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Noah Project to roll tape again....with the hopes that no global biblical pandemics are hiding around the corner to throw a wrench in things again..... let's try take two....two years later. 


What does it say about The Noah Project and Muskegon as a whole? Nothing or no one gets in the way!  It's a two pronged approach really that we see when it comes to the care of the animals of this community.  It's the relentless drive no matter the circumstances to make sure needs are met for the most vulnerable.  This applies to people too is you've not noticed.  It's the never quit attitude that says "Ok, we might not be able to get a party going at the moment...but we will when we can, and in the meantime..."  Above all, it's a chance for us to gather together again for a common cause and a common purpose.  We have circled the wagons again and it together or virtually....we don't quit.  So, after a short "paws" (see what I did there) let's gather again on February 18th for a great time for some pretty amazing animals...and the people who take car of them.


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