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The endurance of an organization speaks volumes to the dedication of it's purpose and those who are committed to the purpose behind the work.  In Muskegon, we've had an AMBUCS Chapter for 85 years and in that time, while the name might still be familiar, the mission might be a little unclear to some.  I tend to forget what I had for lunch yesterday...after 85 years, remembering what anything is all about is hard to do.  The AMBUCS however does some pretty amazing stuff, for some pretty incredible people.

From the national AMBUCS website - "Inspiring people to conquer challenges related to mobility and independence, through a nationwide network of volunteer chapters, working in partnership with physical, occupational and speech therapists; by providing Amtryke adaptive trykes, scholarships for therapists and many forms of community service."  The AMBUCS keep people on the go and give those who might otherwise not be able to enjoy the ability to be as mobile as the rest of us a chance to get around on an adaptive set of wheels.  We had a chance to visit the AMBUCS in April of 2021 to show you some of their work locally as they were presenting some of their trykes to people.  CLICK HERE to revisit that story and see how Army Vet Laurie Beltren Del Rio shared the experience of getting hers. 327328355 546670517391899 2336345632340062894 nMuskegon AMBUCS on Facebook

It was a great first visit we had for sure, but to keep this organization in your mind is the goal.  So many non profits come along and the mission and purpose is great.  It's so easy to get lost in all of them however.  Working to give a reminder of just how important and lifechanging the work is to those who benefit is one of our key objectives.  It's especially important too because as we all evolve as humans, we see the need more and more for the simplicity of inclusiveness and to give a child, or a teen or even an adult who might not otherwise be able to ride a bike a chance to do just that...that's a pretty gratifying experience.  

Of course, there's an invite coming!  March 4th at the Knights of Columbus Hall on Fairfield in Muskegon there's going to be a benefit celebration.  TREATS FOR TRYKES is the theme and you'll find your choice of prime rib or chicken with all the sides.  A silent auction, a live auction for desserts and more fun ways to raise a buck or two.  Cathie Gagnon and Mary Beth Ramos are form the Muskegon Chapter and Allen Lemiux is from the Walker AMBUCS.  We met at Allen's shop where they store the areas supplies for those in need.  Take a listen.


It's a timeless quest really, to find a way for everyone to be a part of what we all do, and generally do without a second thought.  It's important too to remember that longevity sometimes gets a vital organization like the AMBUCS moved to the second spot in line by way of attention.  As we spoke in the video, the new sizzle comes to organizations as they debut and that's important.  But the strength and drive of the AMBUCS to give the freedom and independence to so many since 1922 nationally proves that the heart of us all is in seeing one another enjoy the freedom that comes with mobility and we are so thankful to be thought of to help share the word of the AMBUCS.  



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