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We're remarkably fortunate to have the working relationship we do with Trinity Health.  The idea that we can bring you the forefront of medicine from providers who are leading the way in the state in advanced healthcare like we can would have been unthinkable only a few years ago, but with drive and purpose we work to maintain that open channel to bring you essential information.  It's February and we're hot off the heels of Valentine's Day so what better month to deem Heart Health Awareness Month?

We've met up with Both Dr. Noah Thormeier and Blair Moreau on the passt on different things.  Dr. Thormeier is the provider leading the way in the state with the advanced procedures.  The WATCHMAN is what we're referring to and our interview a while back was amazing about how a device about the size of a quarter can change the lives of those who are dealing with A-FIB.  We'll include a link at the bottom of this article to have you review that older piece if you are interested.  Blair Moreau is the Director of Heart and Vascular Services at Trinity Health in Muskegon and he's in the Cardiac Rehab Center just in front of Trinity Hospital.  I like to tease Blair about being in the rehab center, even though it's the most incredible place in the county for those who need it! 

We're all together today to talk about the best practices for your heart.  After all, what good is an awareness month without a healthy dose of awareness?  We talk some about WATCHMAN and the success it continues to build and how the community can wrap around the Heart to Heart program that Trinity offers.  It's a program that was once bolstered by "The Ride" here in Muskegon but as we weathered the pandemic, they had to find a new way to help fund the scholarships provided to those in need of some help post a traumatic heart issue.  Take a listen.


Could any more be packed into a segment in under 15 minutes?  Doubt it.  We learned about the best ways to know your heart and body.  We learned ways to help take you away from blood thinners and make life improvements that are so profound it's like a new beginning and we also found a way that we as a community can help those around us who need a hand getting back on their feet after a heart issue, get right to it with the staff and services that are right here in Muskegon.  We're proud to work with Trinity Health and share this kind of thing....remind you too just like in the video....our health system is all of us.  Just like Blair and Dr. Thormeier.  Friends, neighbors,'s a great thing to be part of Muskegon.  

To learn more about WATCHMAN CLICK HERE for our previous visit with Dr. Thormeier.

CLICK HERE to help with the Heart to Heart Campaign or on the image below.


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