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To highlight and feature the work of the young people of the area is a task paramount to us.  Our foundation is planted in the hearts and minds of those who are coming along down the road not too far behind us and to give them the focus and attention they need to feel appreciated, heard and elevated is a huge piece of our work as well as the work of countless others from every corner of the county....or neighboring counties for that matter.  The West Michigan Student Showcase is a major part of that bringing together a wide variety of incredibly talented young people from area schools to be seen, heard and felt over a two day period at the incredibly ornate Frauenthal Theater in Downtown Muskegon.

An event going on for over 40 years, the celebration and competition of arts is the culmination of the work that the young people have put in individually and collectively in some cases.  All students are included with the academics and athletics being acknowledged in ceremonies online, the "splash" at the Frau is for those who can perform music, act, draw, create video, story tellers and more.  It's a jaw dropping experience to be a part of and a setting like no other for the participants to walk out to the bright lights and see that moment happen.  There is a competitive angle with prizes up for competitors, but the overall experience of being "in Showcase" is something that the young people of West Michigan will never forget.

With it's beginnings decades ago, the name Gary Ostrom pops up.  Long remembered for his work in local media Gary's memory lives on in the devotion to this outstanding event and the investment that it places in our community.  A legacy that was picked up by the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District and has carried on since with the heart and devotion it's due.  What was once a Muskegon event has opened up to welcome surrounding school areas too, welcoming in students from Ottawa, Oceana, Newaygo, and Mason Counties too and giving them the opportunity to show off what they can do!  Having a community like we do and the hallowed grounds halls of the Frauenthal to bring more people in to be a part of it, and to share our city with's a win!

On the SHOWCASE WEBSITE, you can find the dates in which schools will be taking the stage over the 15th and 16th.  They have a ticket deal for the two night experience and of course you can also get single evening passes.  Buying in advance will save you a little bit, but if you do wait to get tickets at the door, it will be $15 bucks!  Any way you look at it, it's a pretty cheap way to support an amazing program that's highlighting the students who have put so much time and effort into this accomplishment.  

Carla Flanders is with CMF Marketing and Events and we snuck in a quick few minutes on the stage looking out over the Frauenthal Theater today to talk about this incredible event.  Take a listen.  


If you've never been, it's time.  If you've been before, go tell it on the mountain and bring some friends.  The West Michigan Student Showcase is a shining example of out community, and our neighbors putting our best foot forward.  What's gives young people that accomplishment and support of seeing themselves on the biggest stage, in the most historic theater where so much has already happened....what better place to launch a future?  CLICK HERE and get yourself some tickets!

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