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Getting around is taken for granted by most.  Ease of moving is generally a given but there are times when we all need a hand, maybe after an accident or a surgery....some may have a mobility issue from birth and need a little assistance to get going, or stay going.  We are fortunate to have a good network of people in and around Muskegon who's caring hands can provide the work, and when equipment it needed too...they can think of ways and resources to help those in need get it. 

Ivy Rehab is a fairly new name in town, but growing quickly with locations on Sherman and now on Western Ave.  Founded in 2003 Ivy Rehab has grown to 500 locations offering care for anyone from kids to our older population with accomplished professionals and dedicated team members using state of the art equipment and providing compassionate care.  At the location on Sherman in Muskegon, they also offer aquatic therapy and jut being in the building offers that warm feel of a pool and a nice escape!  

Part of mobility for some requires a device.  Be it as simple as a cane or as complicated as a motorized chair, they are essential for some to be able to get around, and need doesn't always get met by income, and that's where Renew Mobility comes in.  Renew Mobility is a non profit organization who's mission is to enhance mobility through access to mobility equipment and to become the central hub in West Michigan for recycling, distributing and maintaining mobility equipment for those in need.    

Ivy Rehab wants to help benefit the folks served by Renew Mobility, so...on March 25th you're invited to Legends in Downtown Muskegon for a Karaoke fundraiser from 2p-6p.  How does a karaoke fundraiser work?  Well, it's fun!  You can donate to sing.  You can donate to make someone else sing.  You can donate to sing a specific song, someone can donate to make you sing a different song.  You can donate to avoid singing, you can donate to just donate too.  The funds will go directly to support the needed mobility equipment and the maintenance of devices from walkers to powered chairs and the impact to someone who needs it....will be life changing. 

Caitlin Anderson, you may remember from Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel is one of the organizers on the Ivy Rehab team and Coleen Davis is the Executive Director of Renew Mobility.  We met up to get all the details and offer you the invite.  Take a listen. 



It's a perfect way to have some fun, enjoy some great food and drink and learn more about the work that happens with 2 organizations that team up to make an impact in the lives of those who need a little help with the basics.  Mobility is something that's not even thought of until it's gone, and to have to relearn what comes natural is difficult to say the least and to be burdened with the cost of the equipment it sometimes takes to regain that independence is heavy especially when quite often there's medical bills on top of it to begin with. Enjoy an afternoon out with purpose and have a little fun in the inspiration of helping others.  

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