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For those in Muskegon County who know, this won't be the boldest of headlines.  For those who have their minds eye set on what "Muskegon County" is...this is one of the moments we've been waiting for to invite you to one of the most picturesque, serene and welcoming places that  we have in all of West Michigan, Blue Lake Township.  

We've done our level best to get to all of our smaller municipalities, thing is...Blue Lake Township is on the quiet side.  It's really what people there love too.  Lakes, dunes, sweeping landscapes and curvy roads keep the housing off the road and nestled in around some of the biggest and most tranquil lakes in all of Michigan for somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 year round residents.  That number expands in the summer...a LOT as in and among that setting you'll find the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, the Gerber Scout Camp, the YMCA Camp Pendalouan and county parks all over the place.  That swells things up to the 10k plus mark for population in the warm months.  If you've visited Michigan's Adventure, you've come close, but here's a travel tip.  If you're there, take a turn and a drive thru Blue Lake Township for the tranquility after the thrill.

We also were invited by the Blue Lake Fire Department to help spread the word about their 14th annual 5k Run to honor St. Patrick's Day and far be it for us to leave it at just a "share".  We took that invite as an open door to get over to the FD and brag up the community, the event and the men and women of this small but mighty department of about a dozen people.  Who, by the way...are looking for some help, so if you are in the mindset of becoming a firefighter, there can't be a more open invite.  The neighbors up around the township have put this run on in support of the Fire Department and it's become quite an event.  Weather plays in a little as it's pretty early in the spring, but with 100 plus on average the chance to see this spectacular area just before the bloom is an opportunity not to be missed.

With the sun shining and the roads clear and dry, the drive was delightful and to meet up with Deputy Chief Kevin Pycraft to learn a little more about the department, the township and the 5k.  Take a listen.  


Get your green on and get to it! This is a big deal for us to be able to share this incredibly beautiful neck of the woods in our community with you and to be invited by the Blue Lake Fire Department to share a little of their story...honored!  If you're a runner or a walker, you will absolutely love this picturesque and tranquil area and the hospitality will be second to none. You'll be welcomed in by neighbors and friends who are really proud of their area and remarkably supportive of their first responders who make sure that the safety and property of the residents of Blue Lake Township are treated with the highest level of professionalism and pride. CLICK HERE to sign up for the race!  Click on the photo below to follow the Blue Lake Fire Department on Facebook.

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