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I was in need of a slab of corned beef.  What can I say?  It's that time of year and as long as I was in the market, I thought that maybe a drive out to see an old friend was in order too.  So, on a beautiful early spring day I took off toward "Ag Country" in Muskegon County over by Ravenna and went to Creswick Farms to catch up with Nathan Creswick who's one time hobby has turned into a growing and absolutely mouth watering business nestled back in the beauty of farm land.

Holding multiple multiple anything but farming, Nate began farm life after his "retirement" from engineering and while he was a Grand Rapids "West Sider" growing up with a small farm, the move to Ravenna is where he found the peace and quiet along with the inspiration to begin taking all that "tinkering" he learned as an engineer and begin applying it to food.  All natural food too.  It's an organic farm and when you pull up the first thing you notice is their MAEAP sign from the state about the water quality, the cleanliness, lack of pollutants and the overall care that's put into the farm.  You know you are in a remarkably special place when you pull in.  The store front itself...tucked comfortably back in among some other barns and very welcoming.  A tour through the production areas, which we didn't film...but they are spotless and growing!  The future for Creswick Farms is bright and those looking to source their meat locally from a trusted grower...they are going to have a supply for a long time. GroundBeef031820a1 1024x1024Creswick Farms on Facebook

Back to the engineering.  Nate has taken the inspiration to tinker to a new level.  He began with specialty sausages and bacons.  Adding flavors and procedures to get those flavors into the products that make sure they are truly in.  Not sprayed on or added after, the equipment there is top of the line and the production level is beyond impressive.  I cut meat for years and I am really critical of "behind the scenes" operations.  I have never seen better.  From curing meat on site to the flavoring methods and care put in to every cut, this is a hidden gem to most of us.

You can shop at the farm store here locally, they have delivery all over the state with scheduled stops called "Meat Up's" from the Lakeshore to Livonia and if you desire, flat rate shipping to where you need it.  Please see the CRESWICK FARMS WEBISTE for details.

After a nice drive out to the country, Nate and I spent a little time catching up and then got to it.  Meet Nathan Creswick from Creswick Farms. 



We are always proud to support our local farmers and their work.  The growth and expansion of Creswick Farms is based on quality, customer service and innovative ways to bring a better product at a very competitive prices to help feed people.  If you are in West Michigan treat yourself to the ride out to Ravenna and see for yourself.  If you are not, check out where the "Monthly Meat Up's" happen around Michigan and get an order in for the next run and if shipping is your thing, well.....use that option too.  The brisket is boiling now and that beef bacon was too tempting to not try.  We'll look forward to the next visit to Creswick Farms soon, you should try them too.

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