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We strive to provide a value to out sponsors, and when we're asked by a local company about working with us, we try very hard to go above and beyond to exceed expectations.  Our first visit to Benson Drug was a couple of years ago.  It was just past their 100th Anniversary in Muskegon as a business and since then, our relationship has grown in a number of ways.  A couple of weeks ago, Owner Randy Dahlquist honored us with a call asking if he could sponsor our work.  We found a fit.

Back to the relationship.  Well, when we did our story the first time, an impression was made.  Cindy and I were about to move up to Cedar Creek Township and since Benson's was on that side of Downtown Muskegon, I asked to have all of my prescriptions transferred there.  What an amazing difference to go to a small, local pharmacy.  I'd never had a bad experience at a big chain, but the care and attention that Benson's is able to provide as well as the highly knowledgeable staff behind the counter make sure that they find any and all discounts or savings offered on meds and get them to me before I have to pay.  After the trip to the Mayo Clinic and some of the meds they gave me there, it saved me literally hundreds, every visit.  Getting a quick vaccination is easy with no wait or online mumbo-jumbo, the selection of items you can get is vast and the role they play in Muskegon continues to grow.

Offering grocery items, health and wellness supplies, medical aids like mobility devices and first aid as well as all of the over the counter products and of course their signature Benson's Bottom Paint.  Benson's is also a staple for those who need healthy food and can't get out to where grocery stores are.  They carry meat from The Meat Block, fresh produce, dairy and beverages.  Understanding the needs of the community too, they accept Bridge and WIC to assist those who are food insecure and in the case of WIC, they can even go above and beyond with the ability to order specialty formula for babies.  It's that 100 years of understanding how to meet the needs of Muskegon that set's Benson Drug a part.   

Randy and I sat down for a chat and a tour of the pharmacy.  As a new sponsor of our work on the Muskegon Channel, Channel 96 Muskegon and Positively Muskegon, we're thankful.  As a loyal customer myself, I can't tell you enough of what a truly incredible place we have in Downtown Muskegon that as a community, we should support and use.  We're a "small local business" and while we don't have the 104 years of dedication to Muskegon like Benson's, we sure can spot quality.  Take a listen to the history as well as the future Benson Drug. 


Shop local. You hear it all the time, but the reality is, in Muskegon we can't for everything. BUT, we can for some things and with a place like Benson Drug and their dedication to all of us for three generations and 104 years, there's no better place to do that.  Prices are competitive, the staff is incredible and will work to know you by name.  The options continue to grow with delivery available on 1000's of items and you'll find valuable coupons online offering $10 off your first order.  Free stuff?  Ok!  There's a new look coming to Benson's Bottom Paint, stay tuned.  We are so thankful, and proud to welcome Benson Drug on as a sponsor.  Please, support this incredible local legacy business and tell them you heard about them here.  We'll look forward to stopping in again soon.

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To see our story from 2021 when we did the history of Benson Drug in Muskegon, click on the video below.