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Obstructive sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder.  When you are sleeping, apnea causes you to stop breathing while you sleep.  It's a problem that many have and unless the proper steps are taken to diagnose the issue and find a therapeutic way to treat it, the subsequent effects of this can limit your "waking hours" and health a great deal.

If you find that you are excessively sleepy during the day,  wake up with a headache a lot, wake with a dry mouth or sore throat, experience night sweats or maybe you have high blood pressure, among other symptoms, you may want to ask your Dr, about a sleep study to see if you are dealing with something you don't even know about.  The sleep study is a very simple procedure.  There's a short class you're given if you do the test at home as to how to hook the device up and then you go to sleep.  If you need to be in the Trinity Health Sleep Center, it's a comfortable and inviting setting. 

When the results come back, the Dr. will recommend a therapy for you.  In my case, a CPAP machine was ordered and I was very surprised at the ease of adjusting to wearing the head gear to bed.  Others....not so much.  While there are a variety of different appliances that can be used, some just can't take the mask and hose, and for those people...there has been an incredible new device brought to the field called Inspire.

Inspire works a little bit like a pacemaker.  It's implanted under the skin, in a short outpatient procedure.  Just before you got to sleep, turn Inspire on with a small hand held remote and Inspire delivers a small stimulation to the nerve that controls the movement of your tongue, moving it out of the way...and you deeper in to dreamland enjoying better sleep that you imagined. 

Dr. Christopher Morgan is the Medical Director of Sleep Medicine for the Trinity Health Sleep Center and we welcome him back to talk about a really great FREE community talk that's happening online THIS Thursday, March 23rd at 12p.  Take a listen and learn more. 


It's an all encompassing seminar you can spend your lunch hour learning more about speep apnea, the risks it presents and the treatment options offered, including Inspire.  As someone who thought an apnea issue was a thing of the past, let me tell you the results of the test and the therapy options after have been both surprising and helpful.  It's a really great experience to get that much comfortable rest back and as Dr. Morgan said, a rewarding part of medicine.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TO BE A PART OF THE SEMINAR ON THURSDAY.  Our thanks to Trinity Health for their sponsorship of our work and Dr. Morgan for his time to day to talk about this great health option.

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