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One of the greatest parts of our line of work is the opportunity to work with other small business at a level that most are not afforded the opportunity.  We get right to them, we work on a small scale with ad costs and we also work to share their messaging on our social platforms to help spread the word.  One of those business is Kooi Housewares, which you may have known as Kneaded Kitchens out by the Lakes Mall.  With the arrival of spring, they are excited to let you know that they are in a new location, with the same great selection or more of the top products for your home and in this move, they are strengthening their operations on two levels.

Kooi Housewares Showroom locally is only a part of their business.  Josiah Kooi began all of this as an online endeavor.  A very healthy one in the e-commerce business recognizing that style and quality for the kitchen and home were in high demand and trying to track down every source for those products was a little tough in the vast expanse of the online world.  He and his staff took it upon themselves to source all of the top names and brands with the highest quality and simplifying the buying process bringing all of it to one site, and shipping anywhere.  This is highly advanced e-commerce happening right here in Muskegon.

With the growth came the storefront on Harvey street.  As the growth continued however, both shopping in store and online, the idea had to begin to focus on where to find a space to make it all happen together instead of everyone running between two buildings across town all the time, and the new location couldn't be more perfect. 2530 Sun Dolphin Drive is right off Sherman in the very busy shopping corridor there.  They are just behind Hope's Outlet and while they are putting the finishing touches on the new retail showroom, Josiah and I had a chance to sit down and talk about this really remarkable business and the timeline of it's growth.  We're also bragging up the Grand Opening of the new storefront!  April 6th-8th IS THE DATE OF THE FUN and the festivities are all planned!  Take a listen. 


We see a storefront filled with the splash of color and brilliance, but behind all of that is a giant store room and shipping center where those without a shop like Kooi Housewares in their town can shop for the ultimate in cool and functional supplies for house and home that are sure to make an impression.  Josiah is also a job creator, a very proud member of the community and as you may have heard in the video....that family name.  Kooi Housewares.  He's putting that name and reputation behind his products, business and beliefs.  Those are the keys to success no matter the location.  We cannot thank Josiah and staff enough for their support of our work and we hope that you shop with them in store and online.  

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