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As Muskegon continues to elevate in so many ways, we're seeing people coming in to the area willing to invest in to new ideas and ways of doing things, like they've never really been done before.  We've seen our fair share of music venues.  Some have come and gone, others have made a mark and continue to flourish.  Our local, regional and national music scene evolves faster than ever too with the ability for artists to skip past record companies and get directly to fans with their own social media.  With that entire scene, comes an opportunity that Dan Beckett isn't going to let go by.  Nor is he going to let all of this great music go uncaptured.


The Starlight Room is close to it's opening on Airline Road.  In the words of owner Dan Beckett - "It the easiest place to find in the world, just get off at the last exit into town".  He's right.  Just off 96 is the spot where you'll find this intimate and very appealing music experience of music appreciation for fans of all genres.  It's seating capacity is small but that will add to the experience for those true fans of bands giving them the chance to sit up close and personal with their favorite artists.  Imagine an evening with your favorite band so close you can see the look in their eyes while they perform?  It's truly that kind of experience that's being built.  An artful lobby greets you and as you enter the auditorium you notice a marked level of quiet thanks to the detail that's gone in to the acoustics.  To see a live show here will be something you will soon not forget.

The other side of the coin is where it really gets good.  For the performer, it's a plush setting.  Where does it begin?  In ownership.  "Bands are my first customer" says Dan.  Making sure their needs are met is paramount and things like laundry facilities and showers are available for them while they are here.  Those kind of amenities are not often in clubs.  Bands will also have a place to play, expose their music to new audiences, move some merch and more, but the biggest benefit to the bands will probably be something you see very little of.  

The Starlight Room is also a world class recording facility.  For both audio, video and live streaming....the entire building is prepped and ready to be able to go world wide to show what's happening in Muskegon, or....if a recording studio is needed, the band comes in, sets up and gets to work with their producer and engineers to make flawless recordings right here in town.  We have an incredible opportunity about to open and to be at the beginnings of this is a remarkable place to be. 

With a schedule already booked into November of this year, The Starlight Room is ready to offer a premium concert experience to all who come and an amazing facility to all who perform.  Make sure you take some time to visit THE STARLIGHT ROOM ONLINEFOLLOW THEM ON FACEBOOK and of course, pick out some shows to see and give yourself the gift of a great night out. 

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